MINI CDMA 850MHz Mobile Signal Booster

MINI CDMA 850MHz Mobile Signal Booster


Frequency: Band 5, UL: 824-849MHz DL: 869-894MHz; Output power:13dBm±3dBm Max Gain: 13dBm Coverage are:100sqm This MINI CDMA 850MHz signal band mobile signal booster use for small home/office around 100sqm room. amplify the 850mhz price and small size. easy set up without any skills.

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MINI CDMA 850MHz Mobile signal booster


850 HAND

Where need to use the signal amplifier?

Rural and suburban with weak signal

Large factory and villa with weak signal

High-level with weak signal


850 screen

Specifications for single band CDMA 850MHz phone booster:

Frequency 850MHz
Frequency RangeUplink 824-849MHz
Downlink 869-894MHz
GainUplink 55±3dBi
Downlink 60±3dBi
Export Power17dBm±3dBm  
Power SupplyInput AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.1A  
Output 12V 1000mA
Size140 x 100 x 19 mm 
Coverage Area100㎡
Pass Band Ripple≤3dBi
I/O Impedance50Ω
Connector TypeN female connector 
Noise Figure≤4dBi 
Transmission Delay≤0.5μs 
Ambient Temperature-10ºC~60ºC 
ReliabilityTo the GB6993-86 standard 
Electromagnetic CompatibilityTo the ETS300 694-4 standard 
Functiona) Power supply LED denote 
b) Export power LED denote 

Packing list for MINI CDMA 850MHz signal extender:

Full kit including:

Repeater with power adapter:1piece;

Outdoor sucker antenna with 10m cable:1piece;

Indoor whip antenna:1piece.

We offer a variety of colors and OEM programs.


This MINI Size signal repeater. with cheap price and very easy set up. can intall on vehicle/home/office etc. around 100 sqm. small repeater also with cheap delivery cost.


How to install a cellphone signal amplifier:

No technical expertise is required to install your GSM repeater, so you can easily install it yourself.


The installation, very simple, is done in four steps:

1st step: Place the outdoor antenna on the roof or a wall of the building in the direction of the operator's relay, if possible without visible obstacles.

Step 2: Connect the repeater to the outdoor antenna using the cable provided.

Step 3: Connect the indoor antenna to the repeater.

4th step: Connect the power supply.




A GSM amplifier is a device combining a receiving antenna, one or more transmitting antennas and an amplifier box. The latter compensates the signal transmission losses by amplifying the received mobile signal, we also speak of "gain db".

The mobile phone signal booster increases network coverage in places where signals are not received properly and thus improves the reception of your mobile phone

NOTE: A GSM repeater does not amplify a non-existent signal. For an efficient installation, you must therefore initially benefit from a minimal reception near the building (minimum of three signal bars on your phone).

How does a booster work?

improve reception mobile phone

A GSM signal amplifier is composed of a repeater, an external antenna and one or more internal antennas.

1- The mobile network signal is received by the outdoor antenna

2- It is transmitted to the repeater

3- The repeater reinforces this received signal to transmit it to the antenna located inside the building.

Once enhanced, the signal strengthens network coverage near the indoor antenna. It is therefore necessary to place the indoor antenna in the room where you want to optimize the reception of the mobile signal.

Why choose us?

The mobile wireless network is the most widely used means of communication in the world. "Bad reception" is today one of the most frequent complaints from users. This is where the mobile network amplifier industry comes in!

Wingstel has more than 10 years of experience in the network amplifier industry and therefore allows us to have expertise and experience to solve your network problems. That's why we have developed a range of highly efficient mobile network amplifiers to offer you innovative solutions to always be covered. All of our amplifiers optimally cover all the signal bands of the main French telecommunications operators and some of our amplifier models even cover several signal bands. Our GSM amplifiers are 100% authentic and are certified by the corresponding regulatory authorities. We also offer an extended warranty period and 24/7 customer support.

We are here to help you

Network amplifiers are a differentiated technology that is easy to install and operate. It is nevertheless true that no technological device is completely immune to bugs during its installation or operation. We recognize that some customers may actually continue to experience problems during or even after installing their amplifier. Other anomalies can also disrupt the operation of the amplifier, despite correct installation. Should you encounter similar problems, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of specialists will be happy to help you solve your problem as soon as possible.

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