GSM 900MHz 2G Mobile Phone Signal Repeater for Home

GSM 900MHz 2G Mobile Phone Signal Repeater for Home GSM 900MHz 2G Mobile Phone Signal Repeater for Home provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation, build-in...

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GSM 900MHz 2G Mobile Phone Signal Repeater for Home


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Incredible Mobile Phone Signal Booster: your best solution of poor signal problem!

The problem of poor signal is a huge issue in many parts of the world and its actuality lies in the fact that it is required for calling, writing text messages and even for surfing on the internet. The issue is rather common worldwide and can be conditioned by the geographical position of the place, the construction material or the size of the building, multipath interference, diffraction and general attenuation.

A mobile phone repeater is made of three main parts - an  directional antenna which is put outside and gathers the initial signal, an signal amplifier, which is responsible for boosting the signal, and an inside antenna which  transmits the improved signal to the users  in the desired place.

Mobile phone signal boosters have gained quite a wide popularity as there are plenty of places where they are quite helpful.


What are the benefits of using a signal booster for a mobile phone?

As we mentioned, signal boosters have the ability to collect a weak signal, amplify it, produce a much stronger signal and retransmit it to the area that is required. As a result, a better internet connection or call with a more steady voice is guaranteed.

In order to throw a light on the necessity of mobile phone signal boosters we are going to make a list of the advantages you will experience as a user of the tool.

     Easy to install and maintain. As we have previously mentioned, boosters have quite a simple structure which greatly contributes to the easiness of its installation and further maintenance. The installation is easy enough to complete without the support of a technician.

     Ability to boost different kind of signals. There are available a variety of different mobile signal boosters from WINGSTEL,  some of them are designed for amplifying  3G signal, others-for 4G, etc. Consequently, you should clearly define your needs before purchasing a model.

    Portability of device.

     Another advantage that worth mentioning is the portability of the boosters. Due to the portable sizes of these devices it becomes possible to take them wherever needed, so travelling to remote places ceases to be a problem any longer, as the weak signals can be easily boosted and served for your needs.

    Affordability. WINGSTEL company manufacture and provide the signal booster at very economic price, to ensure people from all levels can afford a good signal booster. What’s more, considering that regardless to the amount of the money, the purchase can be a wise investment, as it will prevent many serious problems.

    Availability of different forms of the device. A wide range of varieties are available from WINGSTEL out of which you are supposed to  chose one, that best meets your needs and requirements. For example, you can buy a signal booster designed or cars, one appropriate for offices or homes or other types, considering your preferences.

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