Cell Phone Signal Repeater With Antenna

● Boost voice, text and 4G LTE signals for all cell carriers ● Reduce dropped and missed calls ● Increase signal strength and extends battery life for all cellular devices ● Cheapest cell phone signal repeater with antenna in the world

Product Details

Cheap Cell Phone Signal Repeater with Antenna WT-C04G 850MHz

● Improve voice, text for all cell carriers working on 850MHz

● Reduce dropped & missed calls

● wholesale price from China factory directly

● OEM orders welcome

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Details of Cheap Cell Phone Signal Repeater with Antenna WT-C04G:


There are various colors for your choice:

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Packing List of Cheap Cell Phone Signal Repeater with Antenna WT-C04G:

Item                         Quantity(Piece)
850MHz Mobile Signal Repeater                                  1
Power adapter                                  1
Outdoor yagi antenna with 10m cable                                  1
Indoor ceiling antenna with 3m cable                                  1

Installation Approaches of Cheap Cell Phone Signal Repeater with Antenna WT-C04G:

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More signal repeater for your reference:

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More antennas for your reference:

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Company Information:

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Q: I can hear the voice but can not be heard clearly. Why?

A: Signal repeater can not send the full signal to BTS due to incorrect installation of the outdoor/donor antenna. Please replace it with higher gain outdoor/donor antenna or change the location and adjust the direction until it points to the BTS.


Q: Why the signal in some area is still not strong enough after installation of Cell Phone Signal Repeater With Antenna?

A:  It is because that the indoor/server antennas are not enough. Please install more indoor/server antennas in those areas with weak signal.


Q: The signal in all the area is not strong enough after installation. Why?

A:  It is because that power of the cell phone signal repeater is not big enough for the needed area. Please choose a higher power repeater or increase the repeater quantity.


Q: The phone’s call quality is poor with lots of interface, or sometimes no signal. Why?

A: That is because the outdoor/donor antenna and indoor/server antenna are interfered with each other. Please adjust their locations. They should be well isolated and not be on the same horizontal line. The outdoor/donor antenna must be higher and at lease 10 meters far away from the indoor/server antenna, and better with wall(s) in-between. The indoor/server antenna should be installed away from the window or door.

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