Signal Booster for Cell Phone

● Signal booster for cell phone, working on 850MHz ● Could be used for home, office, hotel,apartment,basement ● Supports any phones for any Wireless Carriers on 850MHz ● Much faster high-speed 4G LTE internet ● Works with all cellular devices: Smartphones, Tablets, iphone, Data Cards, and Notebooks

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Signal Booster for Cell Phone WT-C10 850MHz

● Could be used for home, office, hotel,apartment,basement

● Supports any phones for any Wireless Carriers 

●  Much faster high-speed 4G LTE internet

● Works with all cellular devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Data Cards, and Notebooks

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Details of Signal Booster for Cell Phone WT-C10 850MHz:


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Packing List of Signal Booster for Cell Phone WT-C10 850MHz:

Item                          Quantity(Piece)
Signal Booster for Cell Phone WT-C10 850MHz                                     1
Power adapter                                     1
Outdoor yagi antenna with 10m cable                                     1
Indoor ceiling antenna with 3m cable                                     1

Installation Approaches of Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home:

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Company Information:

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Choosing the Best Signal Booster for Cell Phone for Your Home

After you've measured the outside signal strength, the next step is to choose the best cell phone signal booster for your home. There are two main things that you need to think about when choosing a signal booster: the size of the area inside that you need to cover, and the networks (2G, 3G, 4G HSPA+, 4G LTE) that you need to boost.

Inside Coverage Area

The outside signal strength that you recorded in your site survey is what determines the size of the coverage area from each cell phone booster. Basically, a more powerful signal booster can cover a larger area with boosted signal, while an entry level booster is going to cover a smaller area.

We measure the coverage area size in square feet, so the first thing to do is to determine how much of the home you need to cover. If it's the whole house, then that would be the total square footage of the home. If it's one floor, such as the basement, then you would need to determine roughly how large that is in square feet.

Once you've determined the square footage that you need to cover and know the outside signal strength, then you'll want to narrow down the boosters that will work for you. Now that you have the signal boosters narrowed down by coverage area, the next step is to make sure the home cell phone signal booster that you choose will boost the networks that you need.

Networks and Carriers

All of the carriers have three main networks: 2G, 3G and 4G LTE (some also have 4G HSPA+, which falls under the 3G category). The 2G and 3G networks are currently used for voice calls and 3G data, and the 4G LTE networks are used for fast data (like streaming videos on your mobile device), though the carriers are already starting to release phones that will use the 4G LTE networks for voice calls too.

Our rule of thumb is that if you plan to operate your booster for more than a year, then you should choose a signal booster that will boost the 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks. The only time that you wouldn't want to go that route would be if you were boosting signal in a very remote location that did not currently have 4G LTE, and there were no plans by your carrier to roll out 4G LTE there in the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions when selecting a booster, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to help you select the right booster for your situation.


Q: Does Signal Booster for Cell Phone really work?

A: Mobile signal boosters are not able to create signal, they only amplify and transmit mobile phone signal, so if you are not able to place an external antenna in a location that has a good and stable signal, then a mobile phone signal booster will not work for you.

Q: How can I improve cellular reception in my office building?

A: For smaller office spaces, increasing cell phone signal is fairly easy with a smart repeater or wireless amplifier. Whether your building is too far from a wireless tower to get strong reception or you have dead zones throughout your office space, smart repeaters and wireless amplifiers can help maintain consistently strong cell phone reception from one room to the next.

If your office space is larger, with multiple levels or extensive square footage, you will need a more customized and advanced solution to increase the cell signal throughout the entire property.

Each of these improvements can increase work productivity and efficiency and also ensure that weak cell phone signal does not interrupt or halt your company’s processes.


Q: Can this Signal Booster for Cell Phone create a signal where there is no cell signal before?

A: The mobile signal repeater cannot produce a signal, only amplify a weak one.


Q: Can Signal Booster for Cell Phone be used to wifi for tablet and laptop use?

A: This is a cell phone signal booster. If you are running your device off cell phone signal data, it will provide the boost. If you are trying to run off of WiFi- this is not the device. This unit does an incredible job at boosting cell phone signal, and allowed you to readily use internet through data signal. If you have WiFi available and need to boost it, try our wifi repeaters. We have another new product which can boost cell phone signal and at the same time turn the data signal to Wifi, so that your tablet and laptop can use internet through data from operators. You can contact us for more information about that.

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