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● Popular in North America and South America, working on 850MHz ● Boosts cell phone signal inside a building or large area up to 1,000 sq. ft ● Strengthen the weak signal for home or office, reduces dropped calls and improves the voice quality, faster uploads and downloads ● The installation requires no technical background

Product Details

Boost Cell Phone Signal WT-C11 850MHz

● Boosts cell phone signal inside a building or large area up to 1,000 sq. ft

● Strengthen the weak signal for home or office, reduces dropped calls and improves the voice quality, faster uploads and downloads

● The installation requires no technical experience with easy plug-and-play style setup, safe and convenient to use.

● Boost GSM signal to make call and send text, no more dropped calls.

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Details of Boost Cell Phone Signal WT-C11 850MHz


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Packing List of Boost Cell Phone Signal WT-C11 850MHz:

Item                          Quantity(Piece)
Signal booster WT-C11 850MHz                                      1
Power adapter                                      1
Outdoor suck antenna with 10m cable                                      1
Indoor whip antenna                                      1

Installation of Boost Cell Phone Signal WT-C11 850MHz:

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Company Information:

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Q: The cable supplied from outdoor antenna to the signal booster is 15m in your recommended kit. Can a longer cable be used without affecting performance?

A: The cable length is optional. We can supply cable length per your requirement. But unfortunately,  longer cable do effect on the performance, for bigger gain loss during signal transmission.


Q: What type of meter can be used to help point the external antenna for the signal amplifier?

A: You really don't need a meter. You can Google antenna search or Cell reception for Antenna locations. After that, just point the outside antenna in that direction and then turn it a little until the lights are all green on the booster. 

If you have an iPhone you can put it in Field Test mode to show actual signal strength bars to numbers. To do this: on the keypad, enter: *3001#12345#* then press "call" You will be in field test mode. To keep this display: Press the power button until you see the "slide to power off" bar. DO NOT TURN OFF. Press the home button until the slide to power off bar disappears and you are back on the home screen. You will now have numbers instead of bars. Low numbers are better. 
-50 to -75: Excellent Signal Strength
-75 to -90: Good Signal Strength
-90 to -110: Fair Signal Strength
-110 or below: Poor Signal Strength / Hardly get any signal

If you use Android phones, you can find the signal strength numbers too. Do like this: go to settingsà About phoneàStatusàNetworkàSignal Strength.


Q: Does this Boost Cell Phone Signal WT-C11 850MHz work with one carrier at a time or does it boost the signal for all carriers at the same time?

A: The signal booster work at the same time with all the carriers who work on the same frequency as the signal booster does. However, in some area, one cell tower may only carry one provider or a certain provider may not be available. If you have the outside antenna pointed at an 'XYZ' cell tower and you have 'ABC' provider, it likely won’t work for your 'ABC' service unless and until you point the outside antenna at a tower that has 'ABC' service.


Q: Does it matter to use 10m or 20m cable from the signal repeater to the outdoor antenna and is a wall mounted panel antenna or ceiling mounted indoor antenna better?

A: If you need a longer cable to help you place the external antenna in the spot where outdoor signal is better, you can consider to use low loss cable like LMR400, which is thicker and helps keep the signal amplification at a maximum by minimizing cable loss.

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