4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home 4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation, build-in indoor antenna and no...

Product Details

4G LTE Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

· Boosts voice, text and 4G LTE signals for all cell carriers

· Reduces dropped & missed calls

· Increases signal strength & extends battery life for all cellular devices

· Covers a home or office, up to 2,000 Sq Ft



Dual band GSM/DCS 900/1800MHz Cellphone Signal Amplifier description:


Dual band GSM/DCS 900/1800MHz Mobile Signal Booster Packing list:





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Company Information:

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Q: Do you think the signal amplifier would get me reception in an RV in more remote areas where signals are weak? 

A: As long as there is a signal outside the RV, then yes. The outdoor antenna needs to be pointed towards the nearest cell tower and must have signal to amplify and retransmit through indoor antenna. You can use the Open Signal App for IPhone to locate the nearest tower.

Q: How do I get the cell phone signal booster to work? Do I need to start climbing up a tree to set up the outdoor antenna?

A: Thank you for your question. You will want to be sure that you place the outdoor antenna in an area where you have enough signal to make a call. It is best to use only the cabling provided in the kit, so we can be sure we aren't adding too much line loss to the system. Download a phone app like signal finder to find your closest tower. You may have to use it away from the install location to get a good reading. Mount the antenna on the house (cabin, trailer, top of the still, tree house) pointing in the direction of the strongest signal. Run wire to the signal booster and screw in the correct location. Mount antenna inside house to broadcast to the areas you most want to cover. Run wire to the other port of the signal booster unit. Plug in to electricity. Done. Please reach out to us if you have more questions, we are happy to help. 


Q: Does the signal booster improve the signal strength for both receipt and transmission? Will transmission quality improve as well?

A: Yes, the device is a radio frequency (RF) repeater so it will improve performance of both transmit and receive functions if set up properly. It improves transmit and receive from the cellular system tower and also improves your phone's transmit and receive signals. 

Q: Does the signal booster can work in all the countries worldwide?

A: It depends. The signal booster will work in all the countries which has the same phone working frequencies as the booster itself. You can contact us for confirmation and recommendation.

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