2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home

2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation, build-in indoor antenna and no...

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2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home



GSM980/3G 900/2100MHz cellphone amplifier Description:



Packing List:



GSM980/3G 900/2100MHz cell phone signal repeater


Outdoor log periodic antenna


User manual


Indoor ceiling antenna


50-5 Cable with connectors


Power adapter


You May Need...

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Company Information:

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Q. Does the signal booster require monthly service contract for operating?

A: No, once you buy the signal booster, it is yours, no need monthly service.


Q: We use our mobile phone as hotspot for tv and mac, in addition to phone and text. Would the signal booster help us? Any experience there?

A: We have had many people use the signal booster for various provider. As long as you have some usable service outside this can boost it and bring in both voice and data for you.


Q: Does the signal repeater require internet service?

A: No, the signal repeater works directly off of cell towers and does not require internet service. But the outside antenna does require a steady cell phone signal to properly boost the signal.


Q: Do you need internet or wifi connection for the signal amplifier to work? 

A: No internet or WiFi required, as this is a cell phone signal booster. It ignores WiFi all together and works without the need of computer or internet. The only requirement you do have is to have an existing cell phone signal from a nearby tower so it can be boosted indoors.

Q: How do I aim the outdoor antenna for the signal booster?

A: First you need to have a general idea as to what direction the nearest tower was in. It will generally pick up a signal even if it's not perfectly aimed. Then try to fine tune by moving it in small increments back and forth until the best signal is obtained. There are websites and App like OpenSignal to help you find the towers, or you can simply call your service provider, and they will generally be happy to help....after you transferred through about two or three people of course.

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