Best WiFi Cell Phone Range Signal Repeater for Home

Best Wifi Cell Phone Range Signal Repeater for Home Best Wifi Cell Phone Range Signal Repeater for Home provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation, build-in...

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Best Wifi Cell Phone Range Signal Repeater for Home

· Boosts voice, text and 4G LTE signals for all cell carriers

· Reduces dropped & missed calls

· Increases signal strength & extends battery life for all cellular devices

· Covers a home or office, up to 1,000 Sq Ft

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CDMA850MHz Mobile Signal Booster Packing List: 



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Everything about a cell phone signal booster


The mobile towers don’t appear to be capable to cover up an extensive territory as well as your mobile phone can find this as a tough task to catch signals in some locations. If your place is a long way from the mobile operator’s tower it is most likely that the phone receives weak signals you’ll be able to boost it with the assistance of a cell phone signal booster.

The cell signal boosters can pick up weak signals that are transferred by cell towers. Afterwards they start amplifying the signal much like cell phone signal repeaters. Actually, it enhances the signal coverage for your mobile phone’s antenna and can enhance the entire performance. The mobile phone signal boosters are connected with cell operator towers and they can improve the weak signal gotten from the towers and retransmit it within their locations.

The cell phone signal boosters is a highly beneficial product to deal with the task of improving your mobile phone signals. They are generally attached to the top or higher part of the house from outside. Once set up it improves the arriving signal and transfers the amplified signal into the building. Next the in house antenna will provide that signal to your cell phone and you will get the chance to have full signal strength. 


Q: I can hear the voice but can not be heard clearly. Why?

A: Signal repeater can not send the full signal to BTS due to incorrect installation of the outdoor/donor antenna. Please replace it with higher gain outdoor/donor antenna or change the location and adjust the direction until it points to the BTS.

Q: Why the signal in some area is still not strong enough after installation?

A:  It is because that the indoor/server antennas are not enough. Please install more indoor/server antennas in those areas with weak signal.

Q: Can a directional antenna be used to better pickup a weak signal at a stationary location (at home)? 

A: Yes. A directional antenna is higher gain and better pickup comparing to the omni antenna. 

There are two different types of external antennas that you'll encounter when deciding on a signal booster for your cell phone, omni-directional and yagi/log periodic (directional). As you decide how to boost cell signal in your situation, you must determine whether you need to boost cell signal in just one direction or in all directions.

Omni-directional antennas are designed to send and receive signal in all directions, so you're able to reach multiple cell phone towers at the same time and boost cell phone signal for multiple providers. If you have a moderate to strong signal in the area that you're going to be placing your external antenna, then an omni antenna is good for you.

Yagi antennas/Log periodic antennas are designed to send and receive signal in a specific direction, so while you're not able to cover a full 360 degree area, you're still able to cover a portion of the horizon and reach a significantly greater distance to cell phone towers that you would not be able to with an omni antenna. If you have a weak outside signal, and you have a fairly clear line of sight (no mountains in the way) then a yagi antenna/log periodic antenna is a good option for you.

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