Wireless WiFi Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office

Wireless Wifi Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office Wireless Wifi Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to lack of signals. The booster device features easy installation & operation, build-in indoor...

Product Details

Wireless Wifi Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office 

● With up to +65 dB gain of power, it greatly enhances 2G 3G & 4G LTE cell service for all your wireless cellular devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, hotspots, etc.) on any carrier. 

● There are no monthly fees nor does it need to be connected to any internet source (wifi or landline) to work. It simply amplifies your existing in-building cellular service for better talk, text, and faster internet.

● Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty

● Goodbye, no-signal frustrations.

Details of  Wireless Wifi Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office 


How Does the Mobile Signal Work?

1. The outside antenna catches the low signal from the mobile base station and delivers it to the cell phone amplifier through the connection cable (coax). 

2. After the signal is accepted by the phone amplifier, the device amplifies it. 

3. Then this amplified signal goes through the connection cable (coax) to the inside antenna. 

4. And after that, the amplified signal transmits to the cell phone. 


Packing List of Wireless Wifi Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office :


Installation of Wireless Wifi Cell Phone Signal Booster for Office :



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Company Information:

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Q: Will I need to cut/drill a hole through an exterior wall of an RV to run the antenna cable? 

A: Yes you will if you want to permanently install the signal booster system, unless you want to take the time to run it through your window when you want use it.

Q: Does this only benefits yourself or anyone around as well? I don't want other people using my stuff. 

A: It would benefit anyone close enough to get a signal. That said you would have to be real close in the range of the inside antenna to get any benefit.

Q: Can a longer cable be used without affecting performance from outside antenna to the signal booster? 

A: Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately, adding more cable on will effect performance. Try to use low loss cable such as LMR400. 

Q: Can I use the signal booster on a boat?

A: Yes, better with an omni directional outside antenna.

Q: I get periodic service 0 to 1 bar would this work? Would it maintain the 1 bar or provide more bars? 

A: Yes, you will get improved signal after installing the signal booster. Keep in mind to install the outdoor antenna in a place where can catch the best possible signal. You should put your phone to field test mode or download a cell signal strength app and get more accurate data than 'bars'. I would expect you would see a substantial improvement with the booster and a larger more capable antenna.

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