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The Cause Of Ground Potential Difference Interference In Signal Transmission And Its Elimination

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Ground potential difference interference is the frequent interference of the system, the cause of the ground potential difference interference, is because there are more than two conflicting places in the system, there is a certain voltage gap between the ground and the ground, the voltage through the signal cable's external shielding network to form interference current, the formation of the image interference. The main component of the Earth current is 50 khz AC and electrical equipment generated by the interference pulse, in the image of the performance is horizontal black stripes, twisted, miserable mixed with horizontal clutter, and it is possible to move slowly along the vertical direction.

Due to video cable damage caused by interference, replace the cable is the best way, truthfully in the replacement, if the interference for snowflakes or moire interference, you can choose to enlarge the principle of the anti-interference device.

The solution is:

A. Isolate the front-end equipment from the ground, but avoid the risk of lightning or electric shocks that may occur.

b, the use of isolated functions of anti-interference equipment, such as anti-interference, video isolators.

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