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Jamming Machine

- Jun 06, 2017 -

With the declining prices of domestic digital satellite receivers and the increasing impact of satellite programmes, the increasing number of users of privately installed satellite ground receivers around the world have brought a lot of impact on cable networks, however, due to the lack of human resources in network television stations, uneven distribution of reception points and mainly distributed in rural areas, if forcibly dismantled and brought about the social instability factors, many places also led to the mass user petitions of the event, to the audit work also brought certain difficulties. Because of the existence of this contradiction, so that the private installation of satellite receiving equipment is increasing, cable network TV users year by day negative growth, resulting in many township cable TV network can not operate normally, if this problem is not properly resolved, not conducive to the normal operation of cable television network, but also to the safety of the broadcast poses a great threat. Therefore, our company introduced a "ground satellite reception signal jammer", can fundamentally solve the above contradictions and problems.

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