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Interference Signal Source

- Jun 06, 2017 -

In the multimedia audio and video signal acquisition, processing, transmission, anti-jamming has been a number of integrators, developers and other major breach of the object. In the use of video capture card acquisition video signal, video after the acquisition and compression, but also need to transfer to the designated host, in general, the use of equipment from the cable is enough. However, in a number of specific industry areas in the video transmission is longer, in the video transmission and acquisition often encounter some signal interference phenomenon, resulting in the transmission of the signal fluctuations, interference, and so on the monitor will see irregular lines from top to bottom scrolling, so that the acquisition of video loss frame blur phenomenon. This paper briefly introduces the cause and solution of the interference of video signal by the same three-dimensional video network technology. This phenomenon does not occur in the short distance transmission, but the long-distance transmission is susceptible to the interference source.

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