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Indian Customers Pacific Information Visit Wingstel

- Jul 19, 2018 -

Indian Customers Pacific Information Visit Wingstel


Mr B.M. Duvedi and Mr Rajat Duvedi from Pacific Information and Ms Punam Arora from Goldfame Technologies Pvt.Ltd visit Shenzhen Wings Technology Co.,Ltd on 18th July 2018.

  Mr B.M.Duvedi and Mr Rajat Duvedi highly approve Wingstel signal booster quality after opening the products housing, checking the motherboards and comparing with the sample brought from other companies. Ms Punam Arora Said there are so many offers in Chinese market at different prices, even with same design of housings. They are confused while choosing the suppliers. After comparing with the different PCBs, she understands that inside the same housing, inside motherboard quality may be different. Wingstel Mobile Signal Booster always insist Quality first and there are different quality version for customer to choose. You will just get what you pay for.

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