How to find your 4g frequency band and signal strength

- Nov 12, 2018 -

Usually mobile network operators use several frequencies as 4g. Perhaps, at some areas,the mobile network carriers use 1800MHz (Band 3);at the other areas,the mobile network carriers use 2300MHz (Band 40)


So,if you want to buy a mobile signal booster and enhance your 4g mobile signal,it’s better to know your 4g frequency before buying


How can we find our 4g frequency?

Iphone and Android phones have different way to checking 4g frequency


But now I am glad to recommend an easiest way to check 4g frequency

Download a free app "LTE Discovery";

LTE: -104.0dBm is 4g mobile signal strength; "-104.0dbm"means that you really need a mobile signal booster; "-60.0dBm" to "-90dBm" means the signal strength is strong enough

LTE Band 3 is the 4g frequency 1800MHz

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3.Wingstel repeater

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