Features of cell phone signal jammer

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Effectively shielding a variety of walkie-talkie signals, block (interference) between the walkie-talkie and receiver communication, so that grafted on the walkie-talkie system of various types of wireless stealth headphones (including anti-shielding, anti-detection headphones) do not work (strong noise or silent sound)

Only shielding the walkie-talkie signal, does not affect other electronic equipment normal work

Green, electromagnetic radiation after the "China Center for Disease Control and Prevention of environmental and health-related products safety" (the unit to detect electromagnetic radiation of the state-level authoritative certification body) of the strict testing, each sampling point of the electromagnetic field strength measurements are far lower than the "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations" (Gb8702-88), without any impact

Small power, only shielding the test room intercom or receiver signal, on the outside of the test rooms do not interfere with the built-in switching power supply, to ensure the stability of the signal, accuracy

Simple operation, the correct installation of the antenna, connected to the power can automatically run

Technical index:

Effective shielding Range: 20 meters (launched 5W walkie-talkie from the examination Room 100 meters away)

The smaller the interphone power, the farther away from the examination room, the larger the shielding range

Launch frequency range: Full band

Transmitting power: 3W

Ambient temperature: 20-+55 °c

Relative Humidity: 35-85

Power adapter: Input Ac160-240v Hz

Fuselage Size: 210mm

Net Weight: 1Kg

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