Signal Jamming Phone Blockers


1. Better heat dissipation with fans and bigger housing.
2. 8-antenna signal jammer to block 8 frequency bands;
3. Mobile 2g, 3g, 4g, GPS, WIFI signal jamming;
4. Offered from Manufacturer with OEM service;
5. Deliver all over the world as per demand.

Product Details

The device can block the mobile phone to call out or receive any calls, disable the SMS, Bluetooth,  internet, 3G, 4G, WIFI, GPS  etc. Power adjustable and harmless to human body. 8-chanel jammer.

Working Frequencies:

CDMA: 869-894MHz

GSM: 925-960MHz

DCS/PHS: 1805-1920MHz

3G: 2110-2150MHz

WIFI: 2400-2500MHz

4G1: 2300-2390MHz

4G2: 2550-2660MHz

GPS: 1500-1600MHz

or any other frequencies required as per demand

We can manufacture per requirement. Frequencies can be customized.  

Single output power   2W+/-200mA

Power input        AC160V-240V, output DC5V 12A

Power output         16W

Jamming range     Adjustable Radius: 1-25M

Safety regulation   AC Adapter UL (E190582); CSA (LR112971 Level 3)

Dimension        350(L)×140(W)×40(H)mm

Weight           1.5 kg 

Temperature      -10 to +55

Relative humidity    ≤90%(RH)

Air pressure       86~106kPa

Working Area

1. Conference room, auditoriums, law court, library, exam room, school, cinema, theater, hospital and gas station etc.

2. At places where using mobile phones is prohibited such as government, military, finance, security, police and command center etc.


1.       The device can be installed on wall or ceiling with screws. The temperature can reach 50 ℃ on the surface of the working device, so please stay away from low heat resistance objects.

2.       Installation height: 1-2 meter from the ground recommended.

3.       Do not point the antennas of the device to BTS direction for better results. 

4.  Please connect the antennas before turning on the power. Otherwise, it may damage the device.


Use a cell phone blocker to solve the adverse effects of mobile phones

There is no doubt that mobile phones play an increasingly important role in our lives and to a large extent changed our way of life. Compared to face to face communication, we began to prefer to communicate through cellphone. You can see the people who use their cell phones everywhere in train, metro, restaurants and home etc.

The using of cell phones changed our lives

Yes, no doubt the phone brings us a lot of convenience, we can find a lot of what we want, bring us more convenient life. However, this convenience also gives us a bad effect, so many do not develop a bad habit. his is the direct cause of the mobile phone jammer. 
For example, in the past, when we got together, we always talk face to face. And now, we look down at the phone screen. Various social software devours our lives. At any time, always do not forget to take pictures, upload to Facebook or every day concerned about the dynamics of others. Of course, the use of mobile phones in the classroom, loudly answering the phone in the restaurant, in the theater and church phone ringing is also common. 

There is no doubt that the access to the internet is required in most of the offices, but what about the cell phone. According to some research, it has been found that 50 percent of managers believe that it is not at all good to use a cell phone at the workplace. Making use of a cellphone in the workplace may distract you from whatever you are doing. Therefore, the cell phone network jammers are used to jam the signals for making the employees more productive. 

So, we need to take some means to make the use of mobile phones more healthy and standardized.

A cell phone blocker to change the use of mobile phones

A cell phone blocker is undoubtedly the best way to change the use of mobilephone. Imagine, in the classroom, when all students are playing the phone, you open the jammer, you can instantly regain the classroom's dominance. In the need to keep quiet places to use, then you will not hear annoying phone ringtones. When you meet with friends, use it to avoid everyone staring at the screen without talking.

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