Signal Repeater For Cell Phone

Signal Repeater For Cell Phone


High Power Top selling 900 1800 2100MHz Repeater for Cell Phone WT27-GDW80(L) Although 4G networks have spread in many places in the world, we in Egypt and most Arab countries still suffer from the weakness of 3G networks, whether in loading or browsing, and this weakness is not limited to data...

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High Power Top selling 900 1800 2100MHz  Repeater for Cell Phone


Although 4G networks have spread in many places in the world, we in Egypt and most Arab countries still suffer from the weakness of 3G networks, whether in loading or browsing, and this weakness is not limited to data communication, but also in voice calls.

Mobile Signal Amplifier WT27-GDW80 (L)-1

When you need a signal repeater/booster/amplifier:

1.You are at the Edge of the Coverage Area.

2.The Construction Materials Come in the Way of the Signals

3.Inter-cell Interference.

4.Geography and Surrounding Buildings.

Wingstel is a Company which profesional signal coverage solution provider.This Triband 900/1800/2100MHz signal booster works for 2G 3G and 4G for most mobile network operators. This also the most popular frequency repeaters in the market now.

WT-GDW27(L) is one of the most powerful Signal models for simultaneous amplification of the 900 and 2100 MHz frequency bands. The gain 80 is 80 dB towards the phone (Downlink) and 75 dB towards the base station (Uplink). The power of the device (27 dBm, 80dbi) is enough to provide coverage up to 1000-5000sqm with an ideal input signal. This model is usually used in large objects: in private homes, business centers, shopping malls, factories and landfills.

This products are of high quality and assembly quality. The use of the latest technologies and the best components allowed the engineers of achieve impressive performance indicators and equipment resiliency. BS-GSM / 3G-80 does not require maintenance: having installed and configured the repeater once, you will forever forget about interruptions in the work of voice communication and mobile Internet.

Like other powerful Signal repeaters, This is made in a black metal case. The device feels completely monolithic: all components are firmly fixed, there are no backlashes and gaps. The ribbed surface provides optimum cooling and heat dissipation. Four through holes in the housing are designed for mounting the device on a vertical surface. In accordance with the requirements of technical safety on the case the grounding terminal is provided.

The gain is adjusted using the LCD and front panel buttons. Tuning Downlink and Uplink occurs independently of each other, which allows you to set different levels of amplification for incoming and outgoing signals. The manual adjustment range is 31 dB in 1 dB steps.

The automatic system of protection against overload and loopback is provided in the repeater. In case of excessive input signal or interruption of antenna isolation, BS-GSM / 3G-80 will automatically adjust the gain in order not to interfere with the base stations of cellular operators and ensure the best performance of mobile communication.

In addition to the repeater, the package also includes a power supply, screws and dowels for mounting on the wall and instructions. We remind you that in order to use the amplifier, you will also need to purchase external and internal antennas and cable assemblies to connect them.

Mobile Signal Amplifier WT27-GDW80 (L)-1

Mobile signal repeaters are capable of receiving and transmitting GSM signal frequencies, which is necessary for high-quality voice communications, as well as in the 4G (high-speed Internet) band.

This allows you to ensure high quality of communication even in the "shade zone" or in the area located far enough from the operator's base station:

At the cottage or in a country house;

In offices with difficult reception of a signal - the reasons for this can be both the location of the object, the relief features blocking the signal, and the materials used in the construction process (for example, reinforced concrete or metal structures);

In large business and shopping centers located outside the city;

In the basement: in cafes, pubs and bars, restaurants, as well as in the underground parking.

This repeater with big coverage around 5000sqm.

Mobile Signal Amplifier WT27-GDW80 (L)-2

Repeater specifications:

Frequency Range



GSM 900MHz + DCS 1800MHz +WCDMA 2100MHz

(GSM + Band 3 + Band 1)



Max. Gain



Max. Output Power



Band width

Wide Band(Selective Band Available for OEM)

Manual Gain Control

31dB / 1dB Step

Automatic Gain Control


Ripple in Band


Noise Figure

≤ 6dB


≤ 2.0

Intermodulation Products


≤ -36dBm


≤ -30dBm

Spurious Emission


≤ -36dBm


≤ -30dBm

Time Delay

≤ 1.5 μs

Frequency stability

≤ 0.01ppm


> 50000 hours


50 ohm

Power Supply

AC 90-264V,DC 10V/6A

Power LED

Power indicator

Alarm LED


Self oscillation or Strong input signal



Mechanical Specification

RF Connector



Power Switch


Heatsink Convection cooling


< 90%

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ +55°C

Environment Conditions


Installation Type

Wall Installation




About 7kgs

Intelligent adjustment the gain by the indicators

Mobile Signal Amplifier WT27-GDW80 (L)-3

Mobile Signal Amplifier WT27-GDW80 (L)-4

How does the Mobile Signal Booster Works.

Mobile signal repeater working in a weak signal from the outside, boosts it and then rebroadcasts it to the house, building and indoor area. A typical signal repeater is based on a 3 part system.

Full kit signal repeater including an donor antenna that catches the poorcell signal from BTS, an amplifier that boosts the signal and transmit to indoor antenna that indoor antenna broadcasts signal too the rooms and area around you., 

An outside antenna is mounted in a location outside the house or building which could gets a good and stable signal, usually on the roof or top of the building.This signal is then passed from outside antenna to a signal booster within the house.. An inside antenna rebroadcasts the signal to the area around you

Mobile Signal Amplifier WT27-GDW80 (L)-6

Available Accessories:

Mobile Signal Amplifier WT27-GDW80 (L)-7

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