MINI GSM Cell Phone Signal Repeater

MINI GSM Cell Phone Signal Repeater


1.MINI GSM 900MHz signal repeater use for 2G/3G/4G which same 900MHz signal; 2.Coverage: 100square meters, use for small house/office; 3.Power: 13dBm, lower interference for BTS.

Product Details

MINI GSM Cell phone signal repeater




Reduces dropped and missed calls and provides 2g/3G/4g faster data performance for multiple simultaneous users.


Works on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk and more, compatible with all mobile phones and devices operating on GSM 900MHz/Band 8


This repeater with small Size/outpout power, use for small house/office,only 13dbm. very low/non interference for bts.


Directional outdoor antenna should be aimed at the existing tower to receive the most direct line to the signal; Indoor antenna broadcasts signal in one direction and are generally mounted on the wall, 


1 Year waranty. Please feel free contact us if there have any quality problem for our products. we will be here all the time.



Frequency RangeUplink 890-915MHz
Downlink 935-960MHz
GainUplink 55±3dBi
Downlink 60±3dBi
Export Power17dBm±3dBm  
Power SupplyInput AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.1A  
Output 5V 1000mA
Size140 x 100 x 19 mm 
Coverage Area100㎡
Pass Band Ripple≤3dBi
I/O Impedance50Ω
Connector TypeN female connector 
Noise Figure≤4dBi 
Transmission Delay≤0.5μs 
Ambient Temperature-10ºC~60ºC 
ReliabilityTo the GB6993-86 standard 
Electromagnetic CompatibilityTo the ETS300 694-4 standard 
Functiona) Power supply LED denote 
b) Export power LED denote 



Packing List:

GSM 900MHz repeater with power adatper:1piece;

Outdoor sucker antenna:1piece;

Indoor whip antenna:1piece.

This is rugular accessories we recommend to clients.Of course we have many other type antennas for optional:


How to intall the signal repeater?

This is very easy set the booster/repeater. everyone can do it without any special skills.

  1. Fix up outdoor antenna reception on housetop and point to signal tower;

  2. Connect outdoor to "BTS" port in repeater through cable;

  3. Connect iutdoor to "Mobile" port in repeater through cable also;

  4. Plug power adapter into AC power.

Notice: Don't connect wrong direction of the device. if repeater can't got good signal.then try to adjust the direction of outdoor antenna or put other place.


How mobile phone signal booster resolves mobile connection problem?

he world of mobile connection and mobile phones develops with the velocity of light. In just several years we’ve jumped from GSM standard of transmitting a signal to 3G, then 4G/LTE and in 2018 or later we’ll see the deployment of 5G that will exceed 4G performance in ten times! Mobile service providers engaged in this “Faster, Higher, Stronger” race often forget that their infrastructure does not always follow all these ultra-scientific modifications. Thus, in many areas people are not able to make a simple phone call or even send a quick message via Internet constantly confronting mobile signal problems.

Such contradiction has resulted in the appearance of the so-called mobile phone boosters or repeaters that are intended to improve mobile phone reception and is designed in such a way that its users may not call for third party installation services. All can be done by your own efforts. So, how does this magic box look like? Basically it is really a box but a signal amplifying box that is put at a discrete place in the house (office, manufacturing facilities, etc.) It has two helpers – an outdoor antenna and an indoor antenna. The first one, as you may guess, is for fixing outside in order that it catches a week signal and the second one is for indoors to rebroadcast the amplified GSM, 3G or 4G/LTE signal to the devices which you want.MyAmplifiers is aiming to bring the utmost solutions to your mobile connection problems at home or other premises. Our developers and engineers have studied and thoroughly analyzed the market of mobile services, the frequencies in use by operators in each country, coverage mostly demanded, the difficulties which may be encountered while installing and have created an exhaustive range of mobile phone signal boosters that would suit any requirement of our customers.

We invite you to explore our WINGSTEL and ask us any information that may be interesting to you in relation to purchasing a mobile network signal booster.

Improve the quality of your GSM, 3G and 4G signal with mobile signal boosters from Wingstel!

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