MINI 850MHz Mobile Signal Booster

MINI 850MHz Mobile Signal Booster


【Signal Booster】- The CDMA 850MHz cell phone signal booster for Home and Office has a range of up to 500 square feet. 【Boost Cell Reception】- Low Operating Temperature, you more bars and and maintain fast data speeds while you browse 【Faster network Data】- Faster high-speed 4G LTE internet. 【Warranty】- This cell phone signal boosters feature quick and easy, do it yourself installation. One Year Manufacturer Warranty , All parts included in the kit.

Product Details

MINI 850MHz Mobile Signal Booster




Frequency850MHz(Band 5)
Frequency RangeUplink 824-849MHz
Downlink 869-894MHz
GainUplink 60±3dBi
Downlink 65±3dBi
Export Power17dBm±3dBm  
Power SupplyInput AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 
Output 5V 2000mA
Size163 x 108 x 19 mm 
Coverage Area500㎡
Pass Band Ripple≤3dBi
I/O Impedance50Ω
Connector TypeN female connector 
Noise Figure≤4dBi 
Transmission Delay≤0.5μs 
Ambient Temperature-10ºC~60ºC 
ReliabilityTo the GB6993-86 standard 
Electromagnetic CompatibilityTo the ETS300 694-4 standard 
Functiona) Power supply LED denote 
b) Export power LED denote 

This CDMA 850MHz signal booster helps people improve signal where they got call/data problem.

Such as super market/underground/school/hospital/metro station/home/office...

Coverage 500 square meters. real LCD display. small device and non interference for BTS.



Packing list of the small mobile signal booster

  1. Repeater device:1piece;

  2. Power adapter:1piece;

  3. User manual:1piece.

Accessories need for this device:

This repeater is not big power use for small area where less then 500sqm. so we usually offer outdoor yagi atnenna and indoor ceiling antenna:


We also have many other repeaters/accessories for optional:



Questions and Answers
Q: Signal repeater has signal, but cell phone has no signal
A: Because the outdoor antenna receives other signals, then you should do:
1.Adjust outdoor antenna's location and direction, sure that the outdoor antenna towards to the cell tower or base station
2. Check whether cable connected well
3. Put more higher receiving antenna's position, which can receive better signal

Q: Cellphone signal full bar, but communication quality bad / After installing booster, signal not good, but even worse than before
A: Too closer distance of indoor and outdoor antenna, need more separation far distance away between antennas,at least 7 or 8 meters

Q: Works good for long time, suddenly signal bad
A: 1.Check outdoor cable connectors whether flooding water. 
2.Check power lights whether working normal

Q: It just show 850MHz. there's no indication on 1900MHz. What's the problem?
A: It means there is no 1900MHz signal in local signal tower.

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