Cell Phone Signal Amplifier

● Cell Phone Signal Amplifier working on all the phone carriers all over the world 900MHz ● Extends cellular coverage for multiple users in homes or offices ● One year warranty ● Fast delivery all over the world ● Most Competitive wholesale price

Product Details

Cell Phone Signal Amplifier with Antenna

 ● Work with 900 MHz frequencies from all major carriers

●  Wholesale price directly from manufacturer

●  Improve your phone call voice quality, no more missed calls

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Details of Cell Phone Signal Amplifier with Antenna


Several colors for your reference:

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Packing List of Cell Phone Signal Amplifier with Antenna:

Item                          Quantity(Piece)
900MHz Mobile Signal Repeater                                     1
Power adapter                                     1
Outdoor suck antenna with 10m cable                                     1
Indoor whip antenna                                     1

Installation of  Cell Phone Signal Amplifier with Antenna:

gsm signal booster G11-7.jpg

gsm signal booster G11-8.jpg


mobile signal booster C05-9.jpg

mobile signal booster C05-10 .jpg

Company Information:

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Q: Why choose us for Cell Phone Signal Amplifier?

A: Mobile network coverage in many countries is a common problem that many people experience. For more than 10 years, Wingstel repeater has been developing high quality cell phone signal boosters. Our range of quality assured and certified products guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

Q: What causes poor signal strength?

A: Poor cellular signal in your office building can be caused by a number of factors, including:

● Carrier signal

● Dead zones

● Building layout

● Interference materials

● Number of employees

● And more

Q: Where do Cell Phone Signal Amplifier work?

A: Cell phone signal boosters (or amplifiers) can help office spaces and buildings of all types. When poor cellular reception interferes with employee workflow, they can be a great solution for many properties, including:

● Warehouses

● Manufacturing plants

● Office complexes

● Schools buildings

● Campus environments

● Convention centers

● Parking garages

● Shielded Structures

● Tourism and event centers

● Health care facilities

Q: What is a Cell Phone Signal Amplifier?

A:A cell phone signal amplifier (also known as cellular repeater or mobile amplifier) is a type of bi-directional amplifier used to improve mobile reception and address coverage issues.

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