Indoor GSM 2G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home Use

Indoor GSM 2G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home Use Indoor GSM 2G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home Use provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to lack of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation,...

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Indoor GSM 2G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home Use

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GSM 2G 900MHz Cellphone Signal Repeater description:image.png

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GSM980 900MHz Mobile signal booster Packing list:


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Signal Boosters: Why Do You Need One?

Are you facing problems with the quality of the signal you get and have gone through a number of interrupted or missed calls? You can solve the problem by one simple “touch” i.e. signal booster. A mobile phone signal booster will release you from having to deal with dropped and interrupted important calls for good.


The Reasons for the Signal Failures

There are a number of reasons why your mobile provider might fail to ensure you have good connectivity thus bringing about the need for acquiring a mobile phone booster. Below we will discuss some of them in more detail:

●     Rural Areas/ Countryside: The “notorious” rural areas are what come first to our mind when we think of a location where our mobile carrier’s connectivity might fail. The reason for this is the lack of housing density or its very low level which makes it insufficient for a large telecommunications company to build a new base station in such a place because it will not only cost a fortune to erect a tower there but will not reward the company later with too many subscribers. As you can see blaming the provider in such a case becomes senseless and instead of wasting your time trying to get better connectivity from carriers in a rural area all you ned to do is to install a signal booster– it’s fast, easy, efficient and will help you no longer worry about missed or interrupted calls.

●     Construction Materials: As strange as it might sound there do exist certain types of construction materials that might reduce the strength of a cell phone signal in a building that’s made from them. Such materials include lead, that’s used in ancient buildings, such as churches, very thick concrete or other metal the amount of which is comparatively large, solid foam or fiberglass used in roofs, as well as energy efficient windows and metal window screens are also going to block the signal or at least make it weaker. But all this “construction material fuss” will disappear as soon as you buy a mobile signal booster. The latter will keep you connected anywhere and anytime regardless of the construction material of the building you are in.

●     The Size of Buildings: The larger the building the lower connectivity it will appear to have. Such large buildings as warehouses, hospitals, factories, as well as underground areas, basements, some shops and restaurants located in the central parts of big shopping malls, will by all means require the presence of a signal repeater to keep the customers connected and satisfied. 

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