GSM Signal Aerial Booster

● GSM Signal booster working on GSM 900MHz ● Use for peace of mind while on important business calls and while speaking to loved ones ● All of the components you need for installation are included in the package ● Good quality with one-year warranty ● Wholesale price from factory

Product Details

GSM Signal Aerial Booster WT-G10 900MHz

● Boost cell phone signals in your home and office

● Use for peace of mind while on important business calls and while speaking to loved ones

● All of the components you need for installation are included in the package with easy to read, step-by-step instructions

● Welcome to be our agent in your country

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Why a GSM Signal Aerial Booster?

As far as communication technology is considered then it all depends on signals which are getting transmitted from one end to other. Question arises is that if these signal get week or lose their strength while traveling then how much communication via devices like cell phones can be possible. Fact is that we are facing low signal problem in daily life and this problem has demanded urgent action. Due to all this we need a device called cell phone signal booster. This device is made to boost the low signal strength to highest level possible. Most of these boosters use to have three basic elements which are Outdoor Antenna, Indoor Antenna and Boosting Unit. 


Details of GSM Signal Aerial Booster WT-G10 900MHz for Home with Antenna 


Several colors for your reference:

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Packing List of GSM Signal Aerial Booster WT-G10 900MHz:


Installation of Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home with Antenna:

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Company Information:

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Q:Will this GSM Signal Aerial Booster work with my cell phone?

A: Yes. This GSM signal boosters work with ALL mobile phones that use carrier frequency on 900MHz. 

Q: What type of signal boosters are there?

A: Cell phone signal boosters generally come in two categories: for buildings such as homes and offices and for vehicles such as cars, RVs, and boats.

Q: What’s the difference between 3G and 4G?

A: 3G handles talk, text, email, and basic internet use. 4G does all of 3G functions plus fast internet. Data-heavy apps and programs such as YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Facebook, Google Maps, Google Chrome, etc. require lots of bandwidth, so 4G speeds would be more suitable. GSM Signal Aerial Booster WT-G10 works on 900MHz only. We have signal booster working on GSM, 3G and 4G such as triband 900/1800/2100MHz etc. Please contact us for more details.

Q: Does this device GSM Signal Aerial Booster WT-G10 900MHz work with one carrier at a time or does it boost the signal for all carriers at the same time?

A: Yes, This will boost all carriers at the same time which working on frequency 900MHz.

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