Cell Phone 2G 3G Network Signal Booster Device for Home and Office

Cell Phone 2G 3G Network Signal Booster Device for Home and Office Cell Phone 2G 3G Network Signal Booster Device for Home and Office provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to lack of signals. The booster device features easy installation...

Product Details

Cell Phone 2G 3G Network Signal Booster Device for Home and Office

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Details of MINI DCS Cell Phone Signal Repeater



Packing List:



Mini DCS 1800MHz Signal Repeater


Power adapter


Indoor ceiling antenna


Outdoor sucker antenna with 10m cable




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Q: What do I need to buy to add a second inside panel antenna for the booster?

A: You would need a 2 way splitter, a panel antenna, and 2 cables one to run the antenna and one to attach the splitter.


Q: Can this booster work in Philippines?

A: Yes. Our signal booster GSM 900MHz, dual band repeater 900/1800MHz are the most popular in Philippines. Please contact us for details.


Q: Can you link to the signal booster to your phone then use your phone as a hotspot? I am planning on running this up through a metal horse stable because it blocks .

A: You do not link the signal booster to your phone. The signal booster enhances the cell signal inside the building so you have greater coverage. You can use your phone as hotspot for the laptop etc. As long as you can use your phone outside, the booster and antennas will bring the signal inside no matter the building material is metal, rocks or whatever.


Q: I live in a condo. Do I have to drill a hole in the outside wall to connect the outside antenna to the signal booster? 

A: Yes, the antenna must be physically connected to the wire. Possibly you can run the wire through a window or through a vent in your kitchen or bathroom. Otherwise, you have to drill a hole.

Q: can i use mobile signal booster to see home security sysrem? 

A: Signal booster boost your cellular signals. If your home security system is using cellular signals and they are weak, the signal booster will help to boost the signals. Depends if your system is using cell network to broadcast. If it is then it will boost it.

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