Best Cell Phone Signal Booster For House

● Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for House 900MHz ● Booster Coverage upto 2000 Square meters ● Works for all major carriers. ● All parts included, easy for installation. ● Most powerful booster for home and office.

Product Details

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for House WT-G10

● Boosts All Carriers Network on GSM 900MHz

● Gain 60dBi, dramatically improve phone calls voice quality

● Complete kit: all parts included, easy delivery and installation

● Most powerful home booster.

● OEM service with customized color, logo and package

●Wholesale Price from our factory directly

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Details of Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for House WT-G10 900MHz


Several colors for your reference:gsm signal booster G10-6.jpg

Packing List of Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for House WT-G10:

Cell phone signal booster WT-G10 with power adaptor: 1 piece;

outdoor 5-element yagi antenna with 10m cable: 1 piece;

indoor ceiling antenna with 3m cable: 1 piece.

Installation of Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for House WT-G10:  

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Company Information:

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Tips for Cell Phone Signal Booster for House:

If you live in a remote area or have a metal roof, you may have issues receiving cellular service indoors.

This is a common issue worldwide, but it is one that is easy to solve once you understand the variables that determine your cellular signal.

Your indoor signal strength is determined by your wall material, surrounding topography, and proximity to a cell tower.

This means that the only way to improve your voice and data services are to change one of these factors.

Standing in the corner of your house that is closest to a cell tower is a start. The next logical step is to install a home cell phone signal repeater in this corner.

Our signal boosters will amplify your cell signal with the outdoor antenna which is mounted to a roof or somewhere high around your house and the indoor antenna which is mounted inside the signal dead zone inside your home.

It basically becomes your home’s personal cell tower.

This signal booster increases 3G and 4G LTE coverage for multiple phones, tablets, and computers. It is compatible with all the carriers, which working on the same frequencies of the repeater.

To set it up, you need to install an outdoor antenna using an included mount. Place it as high up as possible and call your service provider for help positioning it facing the nearest cell tower.

Next, you connect this antenna using coaxial cable to the base unit indoors, and plug it all in. This signal amplifier is capable of boosting the gain of your signal by 65 dB. That is enough power to deliver signal to an area 5,000 sq. ft. in size.

Keep in mind that these coverage figures assume a solid incoming signal and minimal obstructions. This is a best-case scenario and will vary highly.

Just keep in mind that you need to get a minimum existing signal outside of your house for it to relay into your home.

This is true for all signal repeaters.


Q: Can I buy additional indoor antennas?

A: Yes, sure. You need to buy splitters and more cable also together with the indoor antennas. We have 2-way splitter, which you can connect two indoor antennas; 3-way and 4-way splitter. You need one cable to connect the splitter port labeled “In” to the booster port labeled “MOBILE” and then connect the indoor antennas to the splitter out ports.


Q: What if I need coverage for multiple providers?

A: The cell phone signal booster can work for multiple providers as long as the frequency is compatible with the booster you chose. You can contact us for recommendation.


Q: What if two carriers are on different towers in my area? How do I mount a single direction antenna?
A: If the towers are near each other you can point the antenna in that direction and it will pick up both towers. If the towers are in opposite directions there are 2 other options, 1 is to use an omni directional antenna with will pick up all towers on its own, the other option is to use 2 directional antennas. The way you use 2 directional antennas is you attach a 2 way splitter to the cable that you run from the booster to the roof then attach both antennas to the splitter and point each one towards its own tower.


Q: Will this device boost the signal for a non-smart cell phone?

A: Yes, it will. We have booster for GSM 2G networks which the non-smart cell phone works on.

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