Mobile Phone Reception Booster

● Mobile phone reception booster on 850MHz ● Works with all phones and all carriers ● Better talk, text, and high-speed internet ● Virtually eliminates dropped calls ● Cheapest competitive wholesale price

Product Details

Mobile Phone Reception Booster WT-C11

● Works with all phones and all carriers

● Supports all GSM/CDMA services on 850MHz(Band 5)

● Better talk, text, and high-speed internet

● LCD display of outdoor signal strength


gsm signal booster C11_2.jpg

Details of Mobile Phone Reception Booster WT-C11


Packing List of Mobile Phone Reception Booster WT-C11:

Item                           Quantity(Piece)
Mobile Phone Reception Booster WT-C11                                      1
Power adapter                                      1
Outdoor yagi antenna with 10m cable                                      1
Indoor ceiling antenna with 3m cable                                      1

Installation of BMobile Phone Reception Booster:

gsm signal booster C11_7.jpggsm signal booster C11_8.jpg


mobile signal booster C05-9.jpg

Company Information:

signal amplifier C04G.jpg

signal amplifier C04G-1(1).jpg

signal amplifier C04G-1(2).jpg

signal amplifier C04G-1(3).jpg


Q: Does the Mobile Phone Reception Booster for all devices around it or can I restrict it to only certain devices?

A: This will boost all phones around the amplifier and cannot be programmed to boost certain phones.


Q: I have a weak signal outside and no signal inside my house. Will the Mobile Phone Reception Booster work for me? 

A: If you can make calls from outside the house, and you can locate the cell tower of your cellular phone company (so that you can install the outside antenna pointing to the right direction), then yes the signal repeater will work for you.


Q: What characteristic impedance should the cable be to connect the Mobile Phone Reception Booster and antennas? 50 ohms or 75 ohms?

A: 50 ohms cable is recommended, LMR300 or better LMR400.


Q:  Is the Mobile Phone Reception Booster and antennas easy to install?

A:  Not hard at all, placing the outside antenna is the hardest. The main issue is the good isolation of the outside and inside antenna, better with wall(s) in between. The outside antenna should be higher and points to the base station. After you get improved signals, it worth the work.

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