2017 New Design 2G 3G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

2017 New Design 2G 3G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home 2017 New Design 2G 3G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation,...

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2017 New Design 2G 3G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home 


What is the Coverage Area of a cell phone booster?

Coverage area of cell phone booster is the area which it will cover with the boosted signals. It is obvious that higher end models do cover more area but for customers it is necessary to choose booster according to their need. In general case, where there is no hard obstacles for signal to travel throughout area, in that case customer can depend on the area range written on box of cell phone booster. But if the area which is needed to covered has lot of obstacles then it is advised to go for one level up booster, customer can always contact WINGSTEL cell phone booster sales support for help.

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Inspection of Signal Strength

While installing outdoor antenna, it is very necessary to do signal strength inspection and this should be done carefully. First of all it has to be noted that what the maximum strength of the signal is outside or on the roof of building, mark that place. This should be the place where outdoor antenna has to be installed, if the signal strength is quite good at that place then customer can go with the booster which has frequency referred to his demand. But in case where the signal strength is quite low even outside building then customer should go for higher end model.

Customer can inspect the signal strength with any cell phone. Costumer has to take his cell phone to every place on roof where an outdoor antenna can be installed and look on the signal bars or dBm value on cell phone screen. The place where cell phone signal maximum bars or dBm value should be the place where outdoor antenna should be installed. 

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