Wireless Phone Signal Booster

Wireless Phone Signal Booster


The mobile phone signal booster is to transfer the nearby good signal to the area where the signal is not good.Our mobile signal booster can work on 2g 3g 4g in most of countries,such as UAE,Kuwait,Spain,Italy,etc

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The mobile phone signal booster is to transfer the nearby good signal to the area where the signal is not good. The signal source must be stable and uninterrupted, because the amplifier can only amplify the signal and cannot change the original signal quality.

2g 3g 4g signal booster

In fact, there are many reasons why the home signal is not good

1. Low-level cell signal strength: outdoor street has better signal, indoor signal is poor, this is the most general situation, mainly caused by the surrounding buildings blocking the signal of the base station.


2. Poor signal in villages and suburbs: There are weak signals in the outdoor, and there is basically no signal in the room. The signal difference is due to the insufficient concentration of rural and suburban base stations, and some places are far away from the base station, resulting in weak signals.


3. Weak signal in villa: outdoor street has better signal, there is basically no signal in the room, the signal difference is due to the reinforced concrete inside the villa, factory room is difficult to be passed by the mobile phone signal

The mobile phone signal booster (mini-relay station) belongs to the same-frequency amplification device. It refers to a radio transmission relay device that plays a signal enhancement during wireless communication transmission. The basic function is an RF signal power booster. In the downlink, signals are coupled by the existing coverage area of the donor antenna. The band pass filter is used to excellently isolate the signal outside the band pass, and the filtered signal is amplified by the power amplifier and then transmitted to the area to be covered again. In the uplink path, the signals of the mobile phone in the coverage area are processed by the uplink amplification link in the same working manner and then transmitted to the corresponding base station, thereby achieving signal transmission between the base station and the mobile phone.


Our signal booster can solve the weak signal problem of your house

signal booster 4g

The standard kit includes

  • Signal repeater with power adaptor

signal booster for internet

Item NoWT-DW04
Frequency Range
Uplink 1710-1785MHz / 1920-1980MHz 
Downlink 1805-1880MHz/2110-2170MHz
GainUplink 60±3dB
Downlink 65±3dB
Export Power20dBm±3dBm  
Power SupplyInput AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A  
Size230 x 180 x 22 mm 
Coverage Area1000 square meters

Here are the explanations of uplink,downlink,gain and signal strength

Uplink (1710-1785MHz/1920-1980MHz) – the signal sent from your cell phone back to the tower.

Downlink (1805-1880MHz/2110-2170MHz) - the signal sent form the cell phone tower to your phone

Gain (dB) (Uplink 60±3dB & Downlink 65±3dB)– Gain is the measure of amplification. The higher the gain, the more the signal is amplified. 

Signal strength (20dBm±3dBm) – A wireless signal’s strength is measured in dBm. 

  • Outdoor log-periodic antenna 

It is typically placed outside the building and communicates with the cell phone tower.

  • 15m LMR 300 coaxial cable for outdoor antenna 

It is a special type of cable designed to carry radio frequency (RF) signal. It typically has a copper center conductor, some sort of shielding, and an outer conductor. 

15m cable is included in our standard kit.Longer cable is available,such as 25m,30m,35m.

  • Indoor ceiling antenna

It is installed inside the building and that communicates with your cell phone.

Ceiling antenna is Omni-directional.It means that it has low antenna gain that receives and transmits signal in almost all directions equally. We also have other indoor antennas for your option,such as panel antenna

  • 5m LMR 300 coaxial cable for indoor antenna

5m cable is included in our standard kit.We also offer longer cable if you need

Signal Booster WT-GDW04-9




Q: Indoor ceiling antenna must be installed on the ceiling?

A: Indoor ceiling antenna ( Dome antenna) must be installed in the ceiling of a building, and transmit signals downwards.


Q: How can I know the signal booster works for me?

A: You can download a app" LTE discovery" that can tell you the 4g frequency,or you can contact consult our salesman                                           

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