GSM Triband Signal Repeater With Accessories

GSM Triband Signal Repeater With Accessories

Triband 850/1700/1900MHz mobile signal repeater.2G 3G 4G Signal booster use forTelus/Freedom Mobile/Avantel/ Movistar...

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Triband 850/1700/1900MHz mobile signal booster use for GSM 2G 3G and 4G.

2G 3G 4G Amplifier-1

Compatible three frequency: 

Band 5: 2G 850MHz

Band 10: 4G 1700MHz 

Band 2: 3G  1900MHz

It is used to improve the quality of cellular communication of which operators with same frequency.that there are a sufficient number of frequency channels in the 850,1700 and 1900mhz range.

It can be used in offices, apartments, country houses, basements of bigger sizes.

It is installed in a heated room.

High gain for big coverage at compact size

2G 3G 4G Amplifier-2

This repeater with frou different power/gain/size/coverage:

Model No.Output PowerGain UplinkGain DownlinkCoverage Area

You can chose one according your building structure.

Digital Display Panel with Manual Gain Control

2G 3G 4G Amplifier-3

This triband GSM repeater with AGC/ALC. It will control the gain/power itself.if the outdoor signal very good.then it will working with lower power; otherwise if outdoor signal very weak. The repeater will increse the power to catch the signal from BTS.

You also can control the gain yourself by the button. Adjust the gain up and down. According your requirements.


2G 3G 4G Amplifier WT27-CAP80(L)-4

High intelligence with AGC/ALC function

The signal repeater with AGC/ALC to maintain high voice quality and low interference to BTS.This function very useful. 

2G 3G 4G Amplifier WT27-CAP80(L)-5

How the Signal Boster works

1.Receive the signal:

   Booster pick up the signal under the help of outdoor antenna.Antenna will catch signal from BTS.

2.Boosts Signal:

   The booster gets signal from BTS. Then amplifies it and transmit it to indoor antenna(s).

3.Broadcasts Signal:

   The indoor antenna(s) spread the booster signal all around your area.

All repeaters need working with help of the accessories.Following are the popular type accessories in the market.

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