GSM 2G 4G Signal Booster For Cell Phone

GSM 2G 4G Signal Booster For Cell Phone


Kit of dual band 900 1800mhz mobile signal amplifier.

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GSM 2G 4G Signal Booster for Cell Phone


GSM communication has firmly entered our way of life, greatly facilitating it. Today, 2G network is the main type of cellular communication in Russia - it is used by the majority of people in our country. With its help, important issues are solved, goods are sold, lucrative agreements are concluded, a huge amount of useful and necessary information is transmitted. Unlike the 3G network, 2G communication is convenient and relatively inexpensive. Every day, 2G-communication selects an increasing number of subscribers, its coverage area is expanding, new base stations are being built by cellular operators. But despite this, GSM repeaters remain in demand in large cities, where the signal is weakened due to the loss of the GSM signal found on the signal path, these are reinforced concrete walls, metal structures, etc. forest, houses under construction, etc.) GSM signal repeaters become indispensable helpers that give comfort and coziness to home. In terms of frequency, GSM repeaters are divided into GSM 900 repeaters and GSM 1800 repeaters:

Dual band GSM/DCS 900/1800MHz mobile signal repeater. Including two frequency:

900MHz: 2G network for call;

1800MHz: 4G network for data.

signal booster GD01G-1

GSM 900 repeater

The GSM 900 repeater is used mainly outside densely populated areas, since cellular communication in those areas is built mainly in the GSM-900 range. GSM 2G repeater is used to solve the problem of low reception and improve the quality of communication.

GSM 1800 repeater

The GSM 1800 repeater is used primarily in densely populated cities. The high network capacity in the GSM-1800 is ensured due to the high bandwidth (more than 900 MHz number of channels).

Wingstel Dual band 900/1800MHz works for this two frequency at same time!

signal booster GD01G-5

signal booster GD01G-3

signal booster GD01G-4

Repeater specifications:

Frequency RangeUplink 890-915MHz / 1710-1785MHz 
Downlink 935-960MHz / 1805-1880MHz 
GainUplink 60±3dBi
Downlink 65±3dBi
Export Power23dBm±3dBm  
Power SupplyInput AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A  
Output 12V 2.0A
Size232 x 182 x 22 mm 
Coverage Area2000㎡
Pass Band Ripple≤3dBi
I/O Impedance50Ω
Connector TypeN female connector 
Noise Figure≤4dBi 
Transmission Delay≤0.5μs 
Ambient Temperature-10ºC~60ºC 
ReliabilityTo the GB6993-86 standard 
Electromagnetic CompatibilityTo the ETS300 694-4 standard 
Functiona) Power supply LED denote 
b) Export power LED denote 

Colors & Packing List

signal booster GD01G-6

signal booster GD01G-7

Repeaters 2G + 4G kit (2G + 4G Amplifiers)

In this section, you can buy ready-made sets of 3G / 4G signal gain, designed for self-installation. Each set is a ready-made solution for cellular amplification of 2G and 4G standards.

2G + 4G Gain Kits consist of:

Outdoor antenna (usually log periodic antenna)

2G / 4G-Internet amplifier and cellular in 2G / 4G standards

Indoor antenna (usually ceiling antenna)

2PCS LMR 300 Cable with connectors

installation instructions

signal booster GD01G-8

signal booster GD01G-9

There is no technical expertise required to install your mobile repeater kit. Each kit contains everything needed to improve the mobile coverage in your home/office and includes instructions that will guide you through the simple steps necessary to install your repeater.

What is a repeater and what are its main advantages?

First and foremost, the Internet signal repeater works in both directions. The principle of its operation implies a much greater usability. The signal from the base station arrives at the installed antenna, after which it is amplified and distributed over the required area. It is very important to choose the right repeater so that it is really enough for the desired radius. Thus, modems, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets receive a strong signal. You are no longer tied to one place in the house and you can easily move within the radius of the repeater.

The repeater, as a 4G / LTE or 3G amplifier, is a kind of link between the base station and your gadget. Please note that if a phone or modem emits a strong signal anyway, and the amplifier can control it, it simply does not need to radiate in powerful radiation from the base station to the device. And vice versa. A modern repeater is a convenient means of control that allows you to distribute power as efficiently as possible.

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