LTE 4G Signal Repeater With Antenna

LTE 4G Signal Repeater With Antenna


Dual band 2100/2600MHz 4G mobile signal booster.signal repeater with accessories.

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Dual band LTE 4G Signal Repeater with Antenna



The dual band LTE 4G mobile phone signal repeater provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals. This device will change the signal quality around your area. make the signal stonger and better. no more drop call and data. Improve communication qulaity and data quality. Solve the boring signal problem.Let you have a happy phone time.

This is dual band repeater.but with 3 signal Indicator light. the middle indicator not on when you use this device. 

Because we develpping this repeater based on the triband repeaer.But the repeater show real time display of the outdoor signal strength and will know very clear of the signal quality by the LCD.

The left one shows 2100MHz signal quality.and right one for 2600MHz.

A weak cellular signal (as well as Yota signals and the mobile Internet of 3G, 4G, LTE networks) is one of the most pressing problems in modern society. Over time, people are increasingly dependent on the speed and quality of mobile communications. Therefore, the issue of strengthening the cellular signal is quite important. Our company has accumulated vast experience in assembling cellular amplification systems and cellular signal amplifiers. And given the large warehouse - the best models of cellular signal amplifiers are always on sale.



The indicator LED light on means the outdoor signal is good and steady;

The light off means teh signal is too weak.

THe light blinking means the signal is not steady.

Please adjust the location or direction of the outdoor antenna, make sure the outdoor antenna catches good and steady signal from BTS.

The size of the repeater.Light and thin,high quality aluminum alloy material.

Signal Booster WT-GDW04-4


This dual band cellphone signal booster with 5 colors for optional: Gold/Silver/Black/White/Blue.

The gold is the most popular one. Also have many clients like the black color.

Well.we accept customized color with bulk order.


The accessories for this repeater.we usually offer standard as:

Repeater with power adapter:1piece;

Outdoor log periodic antenna:1piece;

Indoor ceiling antenna:1piece; 

15m LMR300 cable with connectors:1piece;

5m LMR300 cable with connectors:1piece.


Of can connect more indoor antenna by splitter and couplers. usually connect 3 or 4 indoor 1000 square meters.

Signal Booster WT-GDW04-9

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