4G LTE Signal Repeater For Cell Phone

4G LTE Signal Repeater For Cell Phone


1.4G 2600MHz signal booster.Improve signal quality for data. 2.High gain 20dBm±3dBm.make the signal much more stronger; 3.Coverage 1000sqm. Available 3 or 4 indoor antennas for more rooms; 4.High quality with 1 year guarantee.

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4G LTE Signal Repeater for Cell phone



High qulaity 4G LTE 2600MHz professioanl for 4g newwork. Solve your netowrk problem for data. make fast speed for internet/vedio/music...You will have a happy time with your cell phone.



Frequency 2600MHz (Band 7)
Frequency RangeUplink 2500-2570MHz 
Downlink 2620-2690MHz 
GainUplink 60±3dBi
Downlink 65±3dBi
Export Power20dBm±3dBm  
Power SupplyInput AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A  
Output 12V 2.0A
Size159 x 101 x 30 mm 
Coverage Area1000㎡
Pass Band Ripple≤3dBi
I/O Impedance50Ω
Connector TypeN female connector 
Noise Figure≤4dBi 
Transmission Delay≤0.5μs 
Ambient Temperature-10ºC~60ºC 

This 4g Repeater or LTE signal amplifier is designed to amplify the most common 4G frequency - 2600 MHz, the frequency with which the 4G signal began to be developed in Russia with the WiMAX standard by the YOTA operator and then switched to LTE. Subsequently, all the Big Three operators (Megafon, MTS, Beeline) began to transmit cellular communications in 4G 2600 MHz. It must be said that this frequency has its advantages (for example, penetrability and high speed of the Internet), as well as its disadvantages, the main of which is an extremely small coverage. The 4G 2600 coverage area is only 3-3.5 km from the operator’s base station, which is not a problem in large cities, where repeaters can be installed either in any office building or separately on “towers”, but it becomes difficult to solve or impossible task outside the city, where the number of BS operators is less than tens or even hundreds of times. It is in small towns (villages, villages, cottages) and used signal amplifiers 4G most often. And if residents of large cities are looking for 4G repeaters to give, residents of small villages and villages need everyday and round-the-clock use in everyday life, therefore, 4G Internet signal amplifiers should be reliable and of high quality.

It should be said that it is not necessary to use super-powerful cellular signal amplifiers 4G, because half of the work is done by antennas used with repeaters - they can help the booster (one more amplifier name) to “reach” the operator’s BS and distribute the amplified 4G signal to this or other area, number of floors or distance. But two antennas (receiving and distributing) cannot simply be connected to each other to enhance the signal - two passive devices will not work together, between them there must always be an active (electrically powered) device — an apparatus that will connect them together.

This amplifier can also be used to cover not only the interior, but also a large external area: when using, for example, with powerful panel antennas 20 dB or 17/18 as distribution, you can cover an area up to 1000 m2, and when used as distribution powerful antennas 26/28 dB or 22/24 dB You can send an improved signal to a specific point of several kilometers (provided you have a clear view and stay at the same level). It must be remembered that it is better not to be near powerful transmitting antennas, therefore, these types of LTE 4G signal amplification are performed using separate masts, using boxes to accommodate a communication amplifier and supplying them with alternating electric current.

The dual-standard 3G + 4G repeater is the most demanded UMTS-2100 + LTE-2600 FDD standard amplifier in the regions where standard 3G and 4G frequencies are used (up to 75% coverage with high-frequency signals). It should be understood that high frequencies are the hardest to amplify - the higher the frequency, the less network coverage: with 3G 2100 MHz - up to 3-4 km, and with 4G 2600 MHz - only 2-3 km. The situation can be corrected with powerful antennas, but this can be done up to 20 km in the line of sight (for example, in steppes and fields), up to 12 km in a wooded area, and even in the mountain - even less. At large distances or in hard-to-reach places (in forests, lowlands, mountains, taiga, etc.), 3G / 4G communication amplifiers can help you by 2 times. The big advantage when using a repeater is an increase in cable length: for example, when using a 3G / 4G router with an antenna, the cable length should not exceed 20 meters and this is in places of uncertain reception of the network, in places where there is no network - no more than 10-15 meters, when using a repeater these lengths can be increased by 2-3 times, i.e. bring the receiving antenna to the place of reception of the signal (for example, to a greater height in the lowland) or to the direct reception of the signal (for example, behind the ridge in mountainous terrain). No less a plus is the ability to use the repeater in the basement,

semi-basements, as well as rooms without windows (for example, shopping centers, currency exchange offices, etc.), in shielded structures (hangars, buildings made of metal structures and / or sandwich panels) - where you need to use long cable , there is no access to the street at all or the building itself is a screen.

Many users want to use the Internet from their smartphone: 3G / 4G mobile Internet tariffs for use on a smartphone and tablet are often cheaper than tariffs for use in a modem or router, many have unlimited internet access on a smartphone and / or tablet and pay another SIM card is not wanted, and it’s just expensive - in such cases, 3G / 4G signal amplifiers are irreplaceable, because connecting external amplified antennas to smartphones and tablets is impossible, but even if you do this by parsing the device and soldering Antenna Connector - is inconvenient: you are attached to the antenna cable, ie limited in movement. Many subscribers want to purchase 3G / 4G repeaters for a dacha or village, where signal amplification is the most urgent task: in rural areas, the number of base stations of operators is much less than in urban areas.


LTE 2600MHZ signal amplifier (repeater) - allows you to improve the quality of the telephone signal. The device consists of an external antenna, a main unit and an internal antenna. The outdoor antenna is mounted on a wall or roof of a building and receives a cellular signal from MTS base stations, Beeline, Megaphone, etc., then the mobile signal received from the nearest stations, passing through the filter, is cleared of interference and amplified in the main repeater unit, after which, broadcast on the internal antenna. And the internal antenna transmits a signal to a mobile phone and provides confident cellular communication, without interrupting the signal, fading, loss of communication in places of a weak signal or a large distance from the base stations. The design features of the amplifier allow customers of cellular operators to always be in the coverage area (repeater range) without connecting the phone via cable, but via a radio channel. Also, the repeater reduces the level of microwave exposure of a person by reducing the power of a microwave cell phone and increases the lifespan of a mobile phone battery.

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Q: Why choose us for cell phone signal boosters?

A: Mobile network coverage in many countries is a common problem that many people experience. For more than 10 years, Wingstel repeater has been developing high quality cell phone signal boosters. Our range of quality assured and certified products guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

Q: How much radiation does a cell phone booster emit?

A: Emissive power of a cell phone booster is typically less than 1 watt. Cell phone boosters can actually reduce the amount of radiation emitted by your cell phone. When a cell phone has weak signal, your cell phone will use more energy seeking a strong signal, causing it to output more radiation than it does with good signal strength.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF radiation from things like cell phones, cell boosters, and Wi-Fi as class 2B possible carcinogens. While this may sound serious, and potentially unsafe, other items that fall into that category include coffee, pickled vegetables, and styrofoam cups.

Q: Can I use a mobile signal repeater product in my home?

A: Yes, Mobile signal repeater products are specifically designed for simple installation and can be used in both homes and businesses. Many consumers want to use their mobiles to replace an expensive landline phone, and many more need a stronger signal for their home office.

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