4G LTE Home Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for Home

4G LTE Home Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for Home 4G LTE Home Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for Home provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation, build-in indoor...

Product Details

4G LTE Home Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for Home

  • Improved indoor cellular voice and data signal

  • Reliable cell signal and more consistent data speeds

  • Faster data downloads

  • Can work on all operators on any smart phone



LTE 4G 2600MHz Cellphone Amplifier Description:


DSC_0598.jpgLTE 4G 2600MHz Mobile Signal Booster Packing List:



LTE 4G 2600MHz cell phone signal repeater


Outdoor Log periodic antenna


User manual


Indoor ceiling antenna


10m 50-5 Cable with connectors


Power adapter



wingstel repeater.jpg



Q: What determines if the signal booster should work at my location? I see some reviews are great and some say it did nothing for them. 

A: Place your phone on top of your house (if u can) or upstairs in attic. If it works better, then you could benefit from a booster. The next part is to locate the indoor antenna inside your house that provides enough separation from the outdoor antenna to prevent communication between the antennas. The signal booster will work fine if you are able to do that.


Q: Can we purchase larger length of cable for antennas?

A: Sure. The cable length is optional. Please contact us.


Q: What’s the maximum distance between the external antenna and signal booster? And how many indoor antennas can be connected to one signal booster?

A: Depending on the outside signal strength, if you can catch a good outdoor signal, you can use maximum 25 meter cable. And low loss cable is important such as LMR400. The quantity of indoor antennas also depend on the outside signal strength. Normally you can connect up to 4 internal antennas on this booster. You will need more parts including splitters and more cable to do so.

Q: What is the best way to mount the interior antenna? Is it better to mount on a higher floor pointing down or on a lower floor pointing up or another option?

A:  Ceiling mount is better and better in each floor there is a ceiling mount antenna.



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