Wireless 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Commercial Use

Wireless 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Commercial Use Wireless 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Commercial Use provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to lack of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation,...

Product Details

Wireless 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Commercial Use    

  • High-performance single-band cell phone signal booster

  • Coverage zone: 1,000 sq ft

  • Mobile signal booster reduces dropped and missed calls on all major 4G networks for multiple simultaneous users

  • Supports multiple devices that use cellular signal including tablets and smartphones



PCS980 1900MHz cellphone signal amplifier description:


package.jpgPCS980 1900MHz Mobile signal repeater packing list:



wingstel repeater.jpg



Q: Does the signal repeater boost the signal back to the cell tower, in addition to boosting the signal being received? 

A: Yes it does! The key to a successful installation is the placement of the rooftop donor antenna and the amount of signal that is available. The stronger the signal on the roof, the better the downlink signal enhancement inside. The unit enhances both incoming and outgoing signals.


Q: Will this signal booster work with GSM carrier in Mexico?

A: Frequency 1900MHz and 850MHz is used for GSM network in Mexico. We have dual band 850/1900MHz, Model Number WT-CP02, which can work on Mexico all carriers. Please contact us for more information.


Q: How many users will get the boost, any limit? 

A: The booster does what the name implies it boosts all signals it receives. There's no limit to the number of users who can connect via the device when in range of the antenna. The real concern is how strong signal your outdoor antenna can catch and how well you can prevent the inside and outside antenna making communication to avoid feedback.


Q: What size pole do I need to install the outdoor antenna for the signal repeater? 

A: The maximum diameter of the pole is 5.5cm. The exterior antenna comes with an adjustable pole bracket that can be adjusted as need be and attaches to the back of the antenna. 

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