Portable 3G Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for House

Portable 3G Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for House Portable 3G Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for House provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to lack of signals. The booster device features easy installation & operation, build-in indoor...

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Portable 3G Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for House

Details of MINI WCDMA Cell Phone Signal Repeater



Packing List:



Mini WCDMA 2100MHz Signal Repeater


Power adapter


Indoor ceiling antenna


Outdoor sucker antenna with 10m cable



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Causes of Poor Cell Phone Signal

When it comes to poor cell phone signal, there are two main contributing factors: distance from the closest cell tower and obstructions causing interference.

Distance from the Closest Cell Tower

Carriers provide cell coverage through a network of strategically placed cellular towers. Ideally, whenever you're within this network, your mobile device will automatically connect with the closest tower, and as you move, will continue hopping to the next closest tower. Unfortunately, as you get towards the edge of your carrier's coverage area, there won't be new towers to hop to, and your mobile device will start to experience degraded signal the further it is from the nearest tower. You'll reach a point where your mobile device is too far from the tower to maintain a consistent connection, and you'll experience dropped calls.

Obstructions Causing Interference

While cell signal passes through the air with minimal trouble, every object it meets between the tower and your mobile device causes some degree of interference. Geographical elements, such as hills, mountains, and trees can cause major signal issues, as well as building materials, like metal siding, concrete, and wire mesh. Additionally, the increased use of energy efficient products, such as radiant barriers and window tinting, have contributed to the degree of cell phone reception problems in new homes.

While either one of these factors are enough to cause dropped calls and poor reception, the combination of the two all but guarantees problems. Next we'll look at how a cell phone signal booster is designed to deal with both of these factors.

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