Cell Tower Signal Booster

Cell Tower Signal Booster


Our mobile signal booster can solve your weak signal problem easily. Real time display of mobile signal strength. 1pc signal booster with 1pc indoor antennas can cover up to 250 square meters. 1pc signal booster with 4pcs indoor antennas can cover up to 2000 square meters.

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Cell tower signal booster

Are you still bored with the terrible situation of weak signals?

Have to get out of home for get better mobile signal?

weak signal

Our mobile signal booster can solve your weak signal problem easily.

3g signal booster W03-1

3g signal booster W03-3

Frequency 2100MHz
Frequency RangeUplink 1920-1980MHz;Downlink 2110-2170MHz
GainUplink 60±3dBi;Downlink 65±3dBi
Export Power23dBm±3dBm  
Power SupplyInput AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.6A  
Size232 x 178 x 22 mm 
Coverage Area2000square meters
Pass Band Ripple≤3dBi
I/O Impedance50Ω
Connector TypeN female connector 
Noise Figure≤4dBi 
Transmission Delay≤0.5μs 
Ambient Temperature-10ºC~60ºC 
ReliabilityTo the GB6993-86 standard 
Electromagnetic CompatibilityTo the ETS300 694-4 standard 
FunctionPower supply & signal LED denote lights

3g signal booster W03-7


  • If still no signal receipt after activated repeater, please check if outdoor antenna point to signal tower or elsewhere have strong signal and check if strength achieve -70DBM.

  • Please adjust the direction of outdoor antenna if it cannot call out

  • If strength is not steady, please check if outdoor and indoor antenna are too close. Please ensure the outdoor and indoor antenna have distance of 20 meters at least ,with a wall between and net a same horizontal line

  • The distance between the outdoor antenna and the amplifier is not more than 30 meters

  • The outdoor Antenna not close to a large antenna, high-voltage lines, transformers, or metal mesh, etc.

  • The distance between the indoor antenna and the amplifier is not more than 40 meters

  • The indoor antennas do not close to the wall as far as possible in order to increase the coverage area

  • The indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna are advised to stay away from each other for more than one floor distance to prevent cyclic signal amplification

  • If lack of communication quality, please change the installation position of the outdoor antenna and adjustment the indicate direction of antenna

  • It is best to enclose waterproof tape at the junction, and prevent moisture narrow the indoor signal coverage area

  • Try to straight the cable, do not bend more than 90 degree

3g signal booster W03-8



Q: How to interpret the results of signal testing in dB?

A: For maximum precision in signal level testing, switch your cell phone into Field Test Mode and see dB parameter. The closer dB signal level to 0, the better cell phone reception you'll get.

-105 to -100 = Bad/drop call

-99 to -90 = Getting bad/signal may break up

-89 to -80 = OK/shouldn't have problems, but maybe

-79 to -65 = Good

Over -65 = Excellent

Your task is to get at least -79dB signal to ensure reliable communication and strong signal inside the building.


Q: Can I install a repeater system without a technician?


A: Every cell phone repeater system is quite quick and easy to install. The only thing you need to do beforehand is read the manual. Having read it, you will be able to mount the set without a technician even if you do not have a technical qualification or previous experience. The detailed information about the installation process is complied on the user manual 

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