2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster with Antenna

2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster with Antenna 2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster with Antenna provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to lack of signals. The repeater device features easy installation & operation, build-in indoor antenna...

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2G 3G Mobile Phone Signal Booster with Antenna
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Despite the current fascination with smart phone cameras, streamed content, games, and other apps, voice quality is likely to re-emerge as a critical feature simply because nowadays more people rely on their smart phones as the main phone in their households. 

Searching for a mobile phone signal can be a frustrating necessity for many people who struggle to get decent reception in their own homes. However, there are a handful of simple tricks that can improve mobile signal. These can be as simple as climbing the stairs, opening a window and using new technology designed to boost your signal inside. The new technology is the MOBILE SIGNAL REPEATER.


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Q: Will this signal booster system work in a rural wooded area? I'm not completely in the woods, but I am somewhat surrounded by trees.

A: The signal booster will work if you have a signal outside your house. Put the external antenna in one of the trees to get it higher than your house. Put your phone on field test mode to read signal strength in dBm so you can see the signal faster. Then check around until you find the best signal. Weak but best. Put the outside antenna as high as possible in that location. The signal booster cannot amplify a signal that is completely not available there. 


Q: Would the signal amplifier help increase signal at my house with poor call service but has a okay data service? 

A: Absolutely your cell signal would increase. It increases both data & voice on 3G & 4G services, so whatever type of signal you can get outside you will get that inside.


Q: Does the signal booster require an Ethernet cable? 

A: No, it uses coaxial cable to connect the signal booster with antennas and it's included in the kit provided. Ethernet cable is not required and cannot be used.


Q: How do I now if this signal booster work or not in my country? 

A: You can check whether the operators in your country use the same frequencies as any model of our signal booster. Or simply contact us via email sales@wingstel.com. We will check for you the details and provide the best solution. Thanks.


Q: Do I need to weatherproof the outdoor antenna; if so, how best?

A: No need, as the outdoor antenna from us is already waterproof.


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