GSM 900MHz 2G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car

GSM 900MHz 2G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car GSM 900MHz 2G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car provides the ultimate solution in any area where cellular communications can not work well due to leak of signals. It could also improve indoor electromagnetism environments, protract cellular battery...

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GSM 900MHz 2G Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car 

· Boosts voice, text and 4G LTE signals for all cell carriers

· Reduces dropped & missed calls

· Increases signal strength & extends battery life for all cellular devices

· Covers a home or office, up to 2,000 Sq Ft



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All you should Know about Cell Phone Signal Amplifier


It usually occurs that the mobile phone doesn’t have signals around the areas where your operator towers cannot provide coverage The farther you appear to be located from your phone operator’s tower the weaker your phone signal will become and here come mobile phone signal boosters to help you resolve the signal problem.

The mobile phone signal boosters have the ability to receive low signals that are spread by cell phone towers. At that point they have the ability to function like a mobile phone signal repeater by amplifying the signal. What it does is enhancing your mobile antenna functionality which improves the signal strength. The mobile phone signal boosters are linked with cell operator towers and they can boost the weak signal accepted from the towers and retransmit it in their locations.

The mobile phone signal boosters can basically be identified as convenient devices and you will not have to go through much hassle while you use them. By getting a booster you end up with a helpful hand to solve the issues you encounter with your mobile phone signals. These outdoor devices are quite often attached to an elevated spot of your building, like the roof. When placed it enhances the incoming signal and transfers the increased signal inside the construction. Afterwards the antenna transfers the signal to the cell phone. Usually those who work in big office building have problems regarding their mobile phone signals and mobile phone signal boosters will be highly effective product to handle the given crisis. This is especially true in regard to areas that are found on the ground floors or basement level and purchasing mobile phone signal boosters with respect to such areas is a quite beneficial purchase.


Q:  The signal in some area is still not strong enough after installation. Why?

A:  It is because that the indoor/server antennas are not enough. Please install more indoor/server antennas in those areas with weak signal.


Q: How to know if a repeater can work well for me?

If you have 3-5 signal bars on your phone outside, then the outdoor antenna will receive an excellent signal. The repeater will amplify this and re-transmit a clean strong signal indoors.

If you can’t find a location where your phone sees 3-5 bars, but instead sees only 1 bar, the repeater will still work. However, in this case, you must use a more powerful external antenna and a lower loss cable.

If you can’t see even 1 bar, it is probably best not to buy a repeater.

Q: Will the signal booster work for a Samsung Galaxy 7 on the orange network? 

A: The signal booster is not necessarily device or network dependent - it works on a specific frequency band which includes most major cellular providers. As long as your carrier work on the same frequency as the signal booster and your device is near the internal antenna, you should see an improvement in your signal.

Q: Does anyone have tried the signal booster around Brazil? We have really poor signal all over the country and It would an great solution for many places.

A: Yes, the signal booster has been installed in Brazil and worked well. You can contact us for more details for solution and recommendation.

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