Signal Booster Use Indoor Ceiling Antenna

Signal Booster Use Indoor Ceiling Antenna


Indoor ceiling antenna is the accessory of mobile signal booster;
Frequency range: 800-2500MHz / 700-2700MHz;
It can broadcast 2g 3g 4g mobile signal;

Product Details

Indoor ceiling antenna,as an important accessory of signal booster kit, broadcasts the mobile signal to the mobile phone

signal booster

Antenna (2)


  Frequency Range800-2500MHz or 700-2700MHz
  Intermodulation IM3≤-95dBc
  F/B ratio≥18dB
  Polarization Vertical
  Max power100W
  Nominal Impedance50Ω
 Connector type N male or customized
  Antenna Dimension         18*15*17cm
  Rated Wind Velocity60m/s
  Mounting Kits Fixed with Nut

According to the operating environment,there are many types indoor antennas for your option

indoor antenna

Most customers choose indoor ceiling antenna or indoor panel antenna

Same points

1. Both of them are for indoor use

2. Materials are aluminum and ABS

3. The signal strength is stronger when you are closer to indoor antennas

Different points

1. Beam angle: indoor ceiling antenna is omni 360degree; Indoor panel antenna is directional and narrow-angle

2. Gain (dB): indoor ceiling antenna is 2-5dB; indoor panel antenna is 6-8dB

3. Installation way: from their names,we know,indoor ceiling antenna should be installed on the ceiling; indoor panel antenna is wall-mounted

Signal Booster WT-GDW04-7

Our standard cell phone repeater full kit


1.Signal repeater

2.Outdoor log periodic antenna

3.15m LMR300 cable with connectors for outdoor antenna

4.Power adapter

5.User manual

6.5m LMR300 coaxial cable with connectors for indoor antenna

7.Indoor ceiling antenna


  1. Q: Which type antenna can cover bigger room?

    A: I recommend panel antenna. Higher db,bigger coverage; Indoor dome antenna is 2-5db,indoor panel antenna is 6-8db 

  2. Q: I want to install panel antenna on the ceiling.Does it work?

    A: No.panel antenna is only wall-mounted

  3. Q: how many square meters ceiling antenna can cover?

    A: Ceiling antenna can cover 100-250 square meters without block or obstacles; by the way, panel antenna can cover 150-300 square meters without block or obstacles

  4. Q: What's the MOQ of indoor ceiling antenna? 

    A: 1pc

  5. Q: Do you offer free sample?

    A: Sorry,no

6. Q: How can I check if the booster and antenna will work for me?

    A: This quick and simple test will help you to check whether your place is suitable for a signal booster. What you need to do is just to check your outside signal strength on your mobile phone.

Here's how to do it:

a. Find the highest point where you could put the outside antenna (generally on the roof).

b. Check how many signal bars you see on your mobile phone’s display while you are at that highest point

c. In case you have 0 bars, please, contact us as we can provide you with the best possible solution for you.

d. If you have poor outside signal strength of 1-3 bars, then our powerful booster kit is what you need to get out of that troublesome situation, as it will provide 5 full constant bars inside. You can also purchase a standard kit with a yagi antenna, but in this case, the quantity of bars will not go higher than 3-4 bars inside.

e.  In case you have 3-4 stable bars outside, we can also recommend you to purchase a standard booster kit with a yagi antenna upgrade

f. If you have 4-5 bars outside, then you do not need a yagi upgrade. In this case, the standard kit’s power will be sufficient enough to provide you with full 5 bars indoors.

g.  You need to measure your property size to make sure the cable set included in a kit is enough. We offer extra upgrades to help you have an easy installation.

7.Q: Should I check the location of my network provider's nearest tower?

   A: Absolutely! Our standard antennas can accept signal within 170 degrees. For cases when towers are located on the opposite side of your antenna, you might need to upgrade your system by adding a second antenna so that you can receive signal from all locations.

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