Coaxial Thunder Surge Protector

Coaxial Thunder Surge Protector


A Coaxial Thunder Arrester can make the signal booster avoid the strike; You don't need spend much money,because our lightning arrestor is only 6USD/each

Product Details

Coaxial Thunder Surge Protector


Name: Coaxial Thunder Arrester/Lightning Arrestor

Product Type: N Type (N Male to N Female/N-J to N-K)

Impedance: 50 Ohm

Frequency Range: DC-11GHz

Operating Voltage: 1000V max

Usage: Accessory for mobile signal booster;It can avoid the lightning strike


1. Arresters should be installed as close as possible to the equipment to be protected, often at the point where the coax cable enters the building. They can also be installed near the antenna for additional protection.

2. In the case that the connection method of port is not specified, it is recommended the device connects Male port; antenna connects Female port.

3. Run a piece of heavy gauge copper wire (8 or 10 gauge) from the grounding screw on the side of the arrestor to a 3 foot minimum length grounding rod driven into the ground.

4. Pay attention to the rain when using the thunder arrester. Prevent the rain from entering the interior to cause corrosion.

5. When the signal interrupts or drops, please take down the arrester to check. If the signal becomes normal without the arrester, that means the arrester is damaged. Please replace immediately. 

Installation Guide

The installation of lightning protector is very easy.You just need add it between the outdoor antenna and repeater,then connect the electric wire with the ground


After installing,if you don't confirm your installation is right,you can take the picture to us,and we check the installation

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